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When Funk and Soul exploded onto the music scene in the early 1970s, it was fresh, exciting, sexy. The style defined the era - young people regardless of race, creed or social status had the chance to express themselves in a fun, vibrant way, through dance, music, art and fashion. Music legends emerged were role models for the kids who loved their funky sounds. Sadly, the widespread popularity of Funk and Soul has diminished in recent years.

James Brown, aka the Godfather of Soul, created Funk and Soul in the 1960's. The accent is on the beat, on the 1 and 3 counts (of 4), unlike most soul music which was based around melodies, the basic of funk was to create a strong groove. Funk was more repetitive and simpler, as the emphasis was always on the rhythm and the bassline, it often lasted much longer than the usual 3/4 minutes for a pop song. The heavy bassline was a constant characteristic of Funk - guitars and horns would be used to create a percussive effect. James Brown was without doubt, the trailblazer of this new initiative and he inspired so many, with vocals far more earthy than in previous soul/r&b tracks.

Its sometimes hard to know what is Funk, as there is a lot of crossover between Funk, Soul, Disco, Jazz, Blues and Rock but now, from my heart and soul, I am giving you.....undiluted examples of steaming hot Funk! They include some of the heaviest bass lines you'll ever heard.

TURN UP THE VOLUME - and get down to some heavy duty classic Funk and Soul.