Jack Folly DJ on death row


I have created an exciting new live radio station, along with the lines of the music channels we used to listen to (60's, 70's 80's). As a DJ I will select the best vinyl to play live for you. Incorporating my love of fantasy and story-telling, I will introduce to you the fictional character of Jack Folly. As I take on the guise of Jack, I will entertain you from my prison cell in Alcatraz.

Jack's story

Jack Folly is an italian ex DJ, condemned to death in the United States. From his prison cell, prisoner number 1309 is allowed one concession - to broadcast the 'music of his life' in a worldwide radio program. Jack is a man in his forties, in his prime. His solitary existence is within the confines of his cell 2m x 3m, on death row, at the maximum security prison 'Alcatraz', the notorious island penitentiary in San Francisco Bay. Every afternoon between each great track he plays, Jack unleashes his indignation for the world around him. Not the four walls of his cell that preclude him from Society but Society itself. He denounces the socio-political reality that he has known, slapping it in the face for what it is. He sees through the silly pseudo-news that tramples peoples' lives along the way, twisted and falsified to stroke the ego of some narcissistic editorship. Jack is tough. He has traveled the World and witnessed with his own eyes the social degradation. Jack knows what really counts in Life and he knows what only deserves contempt. What we must fight by infusing consciences with consciousness. Put it this way, why would people give credit to the strong, passionate opinions of a megalomaniac, dangerous convict - maybe even a serial-killer. Jack is italian, born to an italian father and a mother from New York. He grew up in the Vomero district of Naples and emigrated to the United States, following the demise of his relationship with his brother and all the dramas between them, Jack always the rebel, had no qualms, when he stole his brother's entire treasured record collection as vendetta. His highest motivation however, was to escape from the climate of tension and the drastic wind of change, sweeping across Italy at that time.

In April 2010, Jack was the owner of a snack bar in Central Park, New York and one night, an armed thug tried to rob the day's takings from poor Jack. They start to fight, Jack is defending himself and the cash. A shot is fired, the criminal dies. Jack, in his innocence, turns himself in to the Police. His honesty backfires on him and he is charged with murder, sent to Alcatraz and condemned to death. Execution by electric chair .... (postponed). So this is where the radio program starts…… Jack begins broadcasting worldwide, spinning his tunes as a DJ. His music and words come via the radio, in all sincerity and without fiction. Jack does not have much time left and nothing to lose. Jack uses raw and brutal language, he can afford to look reality in the face and lay bare the truth in front of your eyes. Awareness and to have a conscience is enough to improve society. Take a kick in the ass and shoot straight, just roll up your sleeves and fight.



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